Coin was founded in 2012. Objective of COIN is the concept development and the launch of innovative products into the global market.

Due to the constant change of our society, COIN sticks to the following guidelines and sees the business environment of being responsible to respect them.

We admit to be europeans and stand for democracy, respect and furthermore we stand for free decisions and orientation. No one should be disadvantaged but effort, education, the nation and the society need to be supported and encouraged. Our employees orientate on the european values as well as on the international laws of the respective branch.

Our decisions regarding trade partners are based on long-term economical cooperations, this is how we want to contribute to an ecological receipt and social security.

COIN knows the importance of a pro rata return of capital to social projects. The allocation of ressources is provided by COIN´s shareholders´ resolutions.

COIN was primarly founded for the european economic area. The member states´ ressources should be used as far as possible in order to reach the claim for sustainability.

With a view to international interests COIN distributes „Know-How-licenses“ also for economic areas outside of the European Union in order to give all consumers access to our products.

Therefore it is really important to use other continents´ value chains to reach our goals in the global environment.

1. We want that our products combine our clients´ values and needs. Easy to use, environmentally friendly and produced in balance with the european values.

2. We see people in their individuality and respect them with a friendly interaction with each other.

3. COIN always interacts in accordance to the european values and laws. We commit to democracy.

4. COIN does not accept any kind of discrimination.

5. COIN knows of the importance of gender equality and commits that a woman will be preferred in the case of equally well-qualified candidates.

6. COIN sees nature as a ressource which need to be saved in order to fulfil the intergenerational contract .

7. COIN´s development contract is the marketing of innovative product solutions which represent a new product generation in terms of environmental protection (product development, marketing studies, business plan).

8. We question our products continually in order to give the market acess to the best product solution.

Coin Consulting GmbH
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47807 Krefeld

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